Raymond Leppard

Date of Birth: 1927/8/11
Place of Birth: London, England, UK
Date of Death: 2019/10/22
Mini Biography:
Raymond John Leppard CBE was a British-American conductor, harpsichordist, composer and editor. He made some 200 recordings on such labels as EMI, Decca, and CBS. In the 1960s, he played a prime role in the rebirth of interest in Baroque music; in particular, he was one of the first major conductors to perform Baroque opera, reviving works by Claudio Monteverdi and Francesco Cavalli. He conducted operas at major international opera houses and festivals, including the Glyndebourne Festival where he led the world premiere of Nicholas Maw's The Rising of the Moon, the Metropolitan Opera and the Royal Opera House. Leppard was born in London and grew up in Bath, Somerset. He studied harpsichord and viola at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1952, he made his London debut at Wigmore Hall in London, conducted his own Leppard Ensemble. He became closely associated with the Goldsbrough Orchestra, which became the English Chamber Orchestra in 1960. In 1962, he prepared a performing score of Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea for a production at the Glyndebourne Festival. In 1963, he composed the original film score for Peter Brook's "Lord of the Flies", the adaptation of William Golding's novel. His other film work included composing the score to "Alfred the Great"(1969), and arranging the music for "Laughter in the Dark"(1969) and "The Hotel New Hampshire"(1984). From 1987 to 2001, Leppard was the music director of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. From 2004 to 2006, he served as music advisor to the Louisville Orchestra. He conducted many other orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony, the Detroit Symphony, the Boston Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony, Israel Philharmonic, BBC Symphony, in all European capital cities and in Japan. In 1973, the Republic of Italy conferred upon him the title of Commendatore della Republica Italiana for services to Italian music. He received an Honorary Degree of a Doctor of Letters by the University of Bath in 1973. He was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1983. Leppard became an American citizen in 2003.


英国最大の戦い アルフレッド大王 ALFRED THE GREAT

Composed and Conducted by RAYMOND LEPPARD

(米Kritzerland / KR200403)




音楽は「(未公開)蠅の王」(1963)等のイギリスの作曲家レイモンド・レッパード(1927〜2019)が作曲。このスコアは公開当時の1969年にイギリスのMGMレーベルからサントラLP(MGM Records CS 8112)が出ており、その後、全14曲/約36分収録のプロモーション用CD(Wessex 6954)が出ていたが、米Kritzerlandレーベルが2022年2月にリリースしたこのCDは、オリジナルのLPの内容にボーナストラック2曲を追加した全16曲/約40分半を収録。500枚限定プレス。

「Main Title」は、オーケストラによるドラマティックでダイナミックなメインタイトル。「Invasion of the Vikings」「Alfred Turns Back the Vikings」は、重厚でダイナミックなアクション音楽。「First Meeting」「Alfred in the Outlaw Camp」は、ジェントルでリリカルな曲。「First Quarrel」は、バグパイプをフィーチャーした牧歌的なタッチの曲。「The First Kiss」は、ダイナミックでサスペンスフルなタッチから後半リリカルでドラマティックな主題へ。「Death of King Ethelred」「Queen Aelhswith Leaves Alfred」「Aelhswith Surrenders to Guthrum」は、ドラマティックなタッチの曲。「King Buhrud Deserts Alfred」は、ダイナミックなサスペンスアクション音楽から後半ジェントルなタッチへ。「A Night in the Forest」は、ダイナミックなサスペンスアクション音楽。「The Nobles Rally to Alfred」は、軽快なマーチから後半ドラマティックに盛り上がる。「Alfred's Victory」は、豪快でダイナミックなアクション音楽。この後にボーナストラックとして、ファンファーレからジェントルな主題、荘厳な男声コーラスへと展開する「Prologue / Invasion of the Vikings / Ordination (film version)」と、映画版のエンドタイトル「 End Title (film version)」を収録。ダイナミックかつドラマティックなシンフォニック・スコア。


「(未公開/TV)A Midsummer Night's Dream」(1959)
「(未公開)蠅の王(Lord of the Flies)」(1963)
「(未公開/TV)A Man Like Orpheus」(1965)
「(未公開/TV)BBC Play of the Month - The Tempest」(1968)
「英国最大の戦い アルフレッド大王(Alfred the Great)」(1959)




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